Reel-to-Reel Label Printer

The Integra PP108 Bicolor is a unique, 2-color print system intended for large print areas on corrugate and other porous substrates. It leverages the SEIKO print head and a circulating print system.

Product Guiding Systems

We service, supply and support each and every system for the life of the system. As a Certified Service Provider, our staff are available anywhere within the continental US to maintain, repair and upgrade the systems that we build, as … Read More

Continuous Ink Jet

CONTINUOUS INK JETHighest quality continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers manufactured in Germany by Inkdustry CodeCenter The modular concept of the CodeCenter offers unlimited possibilities. Peripheral devices like robots, camera, axes can be controlled by the central unit and be synchronized … Read More

High Resolution

The X1Jet MK3 is a compact and powerful Markoprint® system based on Hewlett-Packard technology.  It’s a printer and microcontroller all-in-one with 3 button operation. This compact and powerful system is available in different, upgradable system versions.  X1Jet MK3 is designed for different ranges of applications … Read More


PrintSafe’s Markers & Coders Print On Virtually Anything… Over the past four decades, PrintSafe has helped thousands of clients across North America source and implement new and improved marking and coding solutions. Click on each application to learn about the … Read More


Better Print Quality “The ease of use, and versatility with high-resolution printing, and versatility with design has vastly improved our marking of products…”Contact Us Zero Maintenance Markers “Minimal maintenance & ease of use has allowed for more employees to be … Read More

Inks & Fluids

Fluids and Consumables The range of fluids includes over fifty which have been specially developed and designed to combat a diverse range of substrates and applications. Users can select an ink that is both the most suitable for a specified … Read More


Key Applications Include: -High resolution coding onto a variety of porous and non-porous lumber and treated treated wood surfaces -Inks offering high resilience to wood treatments -Abrasive-resistant ink jet coding for product identity -Code large character logos and graphics including … Read More


Every industry sector is unique and PrintSafe specializes in finding a solution ideally matched to our customer’s manufacturing environment and regulatory guidelines. While always upholding premier print quality, uptime and durability standards.

Industrial Parts

Coding accuracy is essential in the industrial parts industries to avoid costly scrapping and expenditures. It’s often a tough environment for navigating coding given extreme temperatures, dust and vibrations. PrintSafe can dependably provide solutions to handle these requirements with gorgeous … Read More

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