PrintSafe provides marking and coding solutions specific to the pharmaceutical, medical device, cosmetics, beauty and personal home care industries.

Key Applications Include:

• Traceability and anti-counterfeit technology

• UV-readable and copy protected inks

• Late-stage customization

• Validation (GMP) and verification

• Data Matrix coding

• IFAH Coding


• Variety of substrates

Cosmetics Beauty Marking Coding PrintSafe

Cosmetics - Beauty

PrintSafe is well positioned in the Cosmetics industry helping customers with:

• Eco Friendly Packaging
• Single Serve Packaging
• Unique Shapes
Vial Cap - Medical Device Marking - PrintSafe


With our corporate headquarters in BioTech Beach, the Medical Industry holds a special place in our hearts. Ask about our discrete array biofluid delivery systems.
puretek bottle - personal home care - PrintSafe

Personal Home Care

High resolution non contact markers are excellent for marking typical Personal care substrates like:

• Cloth
• Corrugated cardboard
• Curved surfaces
Medical Device Marking - Pharmaceutical Coding - PrintSafe


Unique range of inks designed to adhere to difficult substrates common in the Pharmaceutical industry such as:

• Teflon
• Silicon blends
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