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After 30 year plus following coding and marking trends in the Food & Beverage industries, PrintSafe is positioned to implement the best solution for you.

Printing best-by dates, lot codes and other information onto the package is an essential task for most every food and beverage manufacturer. However, printing the required information is not as straightforward as it sounds. Whether you know you marking and coding challenges intimately, or would like to discuss common pitfalls, we are here to chat. Common applications are listed below.

Best-by dates, traceability, rapid line speeds... ask PrintSafe to help.

PrintSafe Food Wine Marking Coding - Beer Beverage

Beer - Wine - Beverage

Simple? We know better, but we can make it simple for you! Tackle:

• Rapid Line Speeds
• Bottom up print requirements
• Traceability
• Ever changing and complex, PrintSafe can help with where to label your glass beverage containers
PrintSafe Food Wine Marking Coding - Co-Pack


• Pouches
• Webbing
• Temperamental Conditions
PrintSafe Food and Beverage Marking and Coding - Dairy


Manufacturers of dairy products face heavy scrutiny by retailers and consumers for freshness and quality. Legible marks are essential in ensuring the safety of food items, especially dairy products containing milk expiring on average in less than 20 days. Accurate, durable coding for dairy processors is notoriously challenging in an environment of refrigerated temperatures, laborious sterilization and washdown processes, and 24/7 operations.

Ask about printing on:
• Cartons
• Plastic bottles
• Foil label toppers
• Tetra Pak
• Flexible wrap
PrintSafe - Food Wine Marking - Fruit Vegetable

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

Replace common stickers with food grade inks
Instead print on:
• Net and tag
• Shrink and flow wraps
• Bags
Plastics Marking Coding - Food Beverage - PrintSafe

Glass & Plastics

• Exceptional adhesion – even on wet glass
• Inks resistant to refrigeration and storage in iced water
• White inks to print onto darker backgrounds for outstanding contrast
• Formulated for removal on returnable bottles
• High speed printing with fast drying inks ensures code is not smeared or rubbed off
• Abrasion-resistant inks that will not rub off
• Eco Friendly Packaging
PrintSafe Food Beverage Marking Coding - Bacon

Meat & Poultry

Print directly on packaging
• Flexible wrap
• Uneven packaging
Pet Food Can - PrintSafe - Food and Beverage

Pet Food

The pet food industry has a vast of amount of varieties to include wet, dry across all kinds of animals and thus packaging types. We can help make sure your marking and coding equipment will enhance and evolve with your production lines.

• One-line expiration date or production code
• Lot numbers
• Bar codes
PrintSafe Food Beverage Marking Coding - Snacks

Snack Foods

With technologies that span the entire packaging line -- from primary product to secondary packaging all the way to pallet labeling – our equipment aims to reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) while minimizing downtime and producing high-quality marks.

• One-line expiration date or production code
• Lot numbers
• Bar codes
CBD Food Beverage Marking Coding - PrintSafe

Tobacco & CBD

PrintSafe provides quality solutions tailored to the Tobacco & CBD industries:

• High reliability and consistent code quality
• Data Matrix codes and special links for anti-counterfeit solutions
• Constantly variable data – real time capability including batch codes, expiry dates, sequential and unique numbering
• All products easily networked and remotely managed, allowing production reporting and factory-wide monitoring capabilities that increase overall control
• Track and Trace solutions as advocated by the FCTC
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